After Face Lift Surgery

For those people who want to look younger, a facelift might be the right thing to do. It’s a surgery that will remove all signs of aging in your face and neck, reducing sagging, jowls, fold lines, and loose skin. While age can’t be reversed, it can be hidden, and facelift surgery can do that. Most of the surgeries for facelifts are restorative surgeries, and while they can make you look younger, they won’t change your appearance.

After discussing surgery with your surgeon you will decide on the optimal procedure. For the surgery, you are placed under anesthesia and then are given a facelift based on the personal needs of your face. This can be anything from trimming away excess fat to removing wrinkles and lifting skin.  The surgeon will make his incisions, complete the surgery, and then close the incision with stitches that will either dissolve or be removed.

facial compression garments

Once the surgery is over, you will have to place facial compression garments onto your face to ensure that swelling goes down. The garment can also keep your face comfortable when you sneeze or cough, increase blood flow to pump out any bodily fluids and ensure your face heals without any trouble.

They can be worn around the face, neck, or head depending on the type of surgery that was received, and will need to be worn until the recovery is complete. The plastic surgeon will always ask you questions and give you specific advice about when you can go back to a normal life and remove the bandages.

Once they are removed, then you will instantly be able to see the changes made to your skin and face, and all the incision lines will be healed. You’ll look younger and might even feel younger, or at least feel more confident in yourself, and who doesn’t like that.